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Enjoy the history of Nazareth with plaques from Cats Meow.
Nazareth Vigilance Hose Company, No.1 (1902-1980 Second Firehouse) on Belvidere Street, Nazareth, Penna. CSTM #11913 (released 1998)
Cannon located at the Nazareth Circle (1906) at Main and Center Streets, Nazareth, Penna. This war memorial was donated to the Veterans of Nazareth. CSTA #4427 (released 2005
Gray Cottage, on Whitefield Street, Nazareth, Penna. Oldest surviving Moravian building in North America. CSTM #914 (released 2002
"The Good Intent" fire pumper (1791), on display at the Vigilance Social Hall, Nazareth, Penna. First fire apparatus used in the Barony of Nazareth. CSTA #2664 (released 1999
Headmaster's House (1819) 142 West Center Street, Nazareth, Penna. Built for Nazareth Hall (1743-1929) a private Moravian Academy, presently part of Moravian Hall Square. (released 1996
Holy Family Catholic Church (1908) Nazareth, Penna. First Catholic church in Nazareth. CSTM #19541 (released 2003)
Holy Family Catholic Church (1963) 410 West Center Street, Nazareth, Penna. Holy Family Catholic Church was founded and built in 1908 on "Gnadenhohe" (hill of grace). CSTM #10509 (released 1997)
Manor House (1755) 142 West Center Street, Nazareth, Penna. Built for Count Zinzendorf, largest family residence in Colonial America, home of Nazareth Hall Academy. (released 1995)
Nazareth Mutual Insurance Company (1901) South Main Street, Nazareth. Penna. Formerly the Second National Bank. CSTM #21147 (released 2006)
Nazareth Memorial Library (1927), corner of East Center and New Streets, Nazareth, Penna. is the former home of Peter and Katherine Trumbower. (released 1992)
Nazareth, Pennsylvania (1740) town-line road marker. CSTA #3059 (released 2000)
Nazareth Hall Civil War Monument (1868), 142 West Center Street, Nazareth, Penna. Erected in memory of 27 Nazareth Hall students who died in the War of the Rebellion. CSTA #3449 (released 2002
Martin House (1858), 201 North Main Street, Nazareth, Penna. Home of five generations of the Martin family, founders of C.F. Martin Guitar Company. Currently home of Nazareth Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center. CSTM #4487 (released 1994)
Christmas Creche in Center Square, Nazareth, Penna. CSTA #3915 (released 2002)
Single Sisters' House (1784), West Center Street, Nazareth, Penna. Built by the Moravians to house the community's unmarried women. Now is the Castle Apartments. (released 1997)
St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church (1909) South Broad and Prospect Streets, Nazareth, Penna. Replaced the 1859 Union Church when the Lutheran and Reformed Congregations separated. (released 1995)
St. John's United Church of Christ (1906), South Broad and Prospect Streets, Nazareth, Penna. Built following the separation of the Lutheran and Reformed Union Church, which was founded in 1859. (released 1996)
The Indian Tower (1916) is located in the 1744 God's Acre, first cemetery of early Moravians, Nazareth, Penna. CSTA #531 (released 1993)
United States Post Office, Nazareth, Pennsylvania (1935), 9 North Main Street. CSTM #19899 (released 2004)
Nazareth Y.M.C.A. (1916), 33 North Main Street, Nazareth, Penna. CSTM #19900 (released 2004
1840 Moravian Church, Center Square (West Center Street), Nazareth, Penna. First church building (third place of worship) in Nazareth. Circa. 1905 it housed the Nazareth Hall pool and gymnasium. CSTM #13940 (released 1999)
Schoeneck Moravian Church (1888), 316 North Broad Street Extension. Dedicated to serving Christ and Community was originally established 1762. CSTM #11914 (released 199
Borough Hall (1951) corner of West Center and Washington Streets, Nazareth, Penna. Built as a memorial to the soldiers who died during World War II and the Korean Conflict. It housed the first library. CSTM #15309 (released 2000)
Kern House, Built by Moravian carpenter Andrew G. Kern in 1820. MW7056
Whitefield House, built by founding Moravian settlers in 1740. Now home to the Moravian Historical Sciety CM7061
Nazareth High School in 1924,Nazareth Junior high school in 1956-1983 and currently apartments
Nazareth Nation Bank, 1897. Nazareth's first community Bank.
Nazareth Moravian Church 1861. This building is the fourth church home of the Nazareth congregation